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SYSTEM INTEGRATION for automation solutions

Components of COSATEQ automation solutions:
  • sequential control system
  • control engineering
  • monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • machine data acquisition and data analytics
  • recipe management
  • visualization/human machine interface (HMI)
In order to implement these components in practice on the real system, we use modern components and methods of control technology and usually use programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in addition to embedded systems.

PLC PROGRAMMING: What makes COSATEQ's solutions so reliable?

COSATEQ uses hardware from the most advanced vendors on the market. Industrial PCs, I/Os and fieldbus components, programmable logic controllers, innovative drive technology solutions, and automation software from the market leaders:
  • BECKHOFF Automation/Control: including CX series, EtherCAT, motor controllers and brushless servo motors, TwinCAT
  • SIEMENS Automation/Control: S7, TIA Portal
  • BACHMANN Electronics: M1, Solution Center
  • FESTO control technology: CPX, CMMP motor controller, CoDeSys
  • embedded systems

PLC AUTOMATION: Examples of successful automation technology/system integration

We have successfully implemented a wide variety of projects with solutions from various manufacturers.
Due to our interdisciplinary know-how and experience with various automation manufacturers, we are able to coordinate even systems of different origins/manufacturers and bring them together for optimal system integration.

Especially in the case of producer durable goods such as hydraulic presses and punches - with their decades of machine life cycles - profitability calculations and feasibility analyses repeatedly show that regular modernisation of control technology, peripherals, actuators and sensors yield considerable financial advantages.
Instead of completely replacing a machine, the "old" hardware can be made "fit" again for modern demands on productivity and efficiency at manageable costs and in a short time.
This approach has coined the term Retrofit in industry.

BECKHOFF TWINCAT for perfect automation and application programming

With the BECKHOFF TwinCAT software system, COSATEQ realizes real-time controls with PLC system, NC axis control, programming environment, and operating station on a single PC.
This solution integrates runtime systems for real-time execution of control programs, as well as development environments for programming, diagnostics and configuration.
Mainly products of the CX series with the real-time Ethernet protocol EtherCAT are used.

SIEMENS AUTOMATION for intelligent production control and digitization

The SIMATIC industrial automation systems of the S7 series from SIEMENS are among the most reliable and innovative components for automation. They are suitable both for central expansions and for setting up decentralized structures for specific tasks. Together with the TIA Portal engineering system, they form a control technology generation that integrates the latest and future-proof technologies.

PLC AND INDUSTRY 4.0: Why does PLC programming form the basis of smart machine automation?

In principle, the PLC is a microcontroller with corresponding memory regions for control program and control parameters as well as corresponding inputs for sensor signals and outputs for actuator signals, supplemented by man-machine interfaces for operation and interfaces for industrial communication for programming and networking. The PLC thus forms a cornerstone of industry 4.0. With the development and use of so-called cyber-physical systems (CPS) this leads to globally networked, optimized control of internationally organized production (Industrial Internet of Things - IIoT).

In the simplest case, a PLC has inputs, outputs, an operating system (firmware) and an interface for loading the application software. The application program determines how the outputs are to be switched depending on the inputs.

The operating system ensures that the application always receives the current state of the encoders. On the basis of this information, the application program can switch the outputs in such a way that the machine or system functions in the desired manner.

What is automation technology?

steuerungstechnik en
Automation technology comprises the design and implementation of control systems, i.e. the directed influencing of the behaviour of technical systems (devices, machines, plants, and biological systems).
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