SATCO – self-tuning & adaptive

The SATCO is a self-adjusting and adaptive temperature controller for unknown systems and requires no controller parameterization.

Advantages of the SATCO

  • Plug & Control
  • no parameterization of the controller necessary
  • multi-zone control
  • with freely configurable heating zones
  • Robust, adaptive control concept
  • Compensation of interferences
  • Adaptation to changes in the route
  • increase in efficiency
  • during conversion processes
  • during setup procedures
  • Easy integration
  • in existing system structures
  • Flexible delivery options
  • from the pure controller module up to the complete solution

fields of application

  • Temperature control of lines mainly influenced by heat conduction, e.g. metal ingots in the plastics processing industry or casting moulds
  • Use as retrofit

Existing problems with traditional methods

  • Controller parameterization necessary. Autotuning procedures cost time and require know-how.
  • Information about the system to be controlled is required.
  • Decreasing quality of the control result in case of model inaccuracies or disturbances.
SATCO funct