Perfecting Control Engineering and Automation with Mathematical Models

With COSATEQ you are always in control of the situation. We analyse, classify and develop efficient and stable technical control systems across all industries. We work on the basis of standardized, scalable products that are individually adapted to your needs.

You benefit from professional know-how, many years of experience, and a comprehensive service. If you wish, our specialists can even support your team directly on site during the project.

Fields of Expertise

COSATEQ's control systems have proven their worth across a wide range of industries and disciplines. These include solutions in the following areas:
  • hydraulic systems
  • pneumatics
  • thermodynamics
  • electrical drives
  • mechanically oscillating systems
  • systems with non-concentrated parameters (convection and diffusion)

Linear and Non-linear System Solutions

From fast reacting linear systems to highly complex non-linear systems, COSATEQ's mature solutions provide the highest levels of efficiency, precision and reliability.

Linear Systems
COSATEQ's products also convince with optimal computing times for high-dimensional linear systems with strongly coupled states e.g. temperature, pressure, and speed. In this way, state changes within the system can be mapped and controlled in real-time.
Automatic setting of critical PID parameters and flexible interfaces to control systems are a matter of course for our products.

Non-linear Systems
Most non-linear systems involve a high degree of complexity, resulting from the mutual influence of interacting dimensions. COSATEQ's solutions are the first choice to keep the controlled value stable: our products are extremely flexible and react very precisely.
From architectural design to final technical implementation, COSATEQ accompanies you throughout the entire process.

Strong Partners

In order to provide you with the best possible results, COSATEQ works closely with selected specialists:

  • Mathworks® - Using the Matlab® environment (software/system)
  • Bachmann - Hardware Partner, Cooperative Product Development
  • Texas Instruments - Use of hardware and associated development software, (e.g. driver development)
Control EngineeringControl Engineering

COSATEQ's control systems have proven themselves across industries in a wide variety of disciplines and complex technical systems.

Automation TechnologyAutomation Technology

COSATEQ uses hardware from the most advanced suppliers on the market: industrial PCs, I/Os and fieldbus components, innovative drive technology solutions and automation software.


Our specialists for automation and control technology outline the various possibilities for modernization and calculate guide prices for the realization.

COSATEQ Repair & Care

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