LEICA Geosystems: Forward Motion Compensation

A simple principle: the quieter a camera is held, the better the image.


  • Micropositioning of a table with camera sensor in aerial photography to compensate the flight movement during exposure
  • Travel: 600 um, speeds: 0-30 mm/sec, 0.5 um standard deviation over the entire travel distance


  • Control of a BLCD with up to 60,000 rpm via a COSATEQ Rapid Prototyping System with a 100kHz pwm and 20 Khz control frequency
  • Reduction via a micro gear, which moves an eccentric; this then moves a table with camera sensor in horizontal direction.
  • Design and realization of a power output stage with low inductance and high-precision 3-phase current measurement
  • Geometric reduction of the rapid prototyping ECU in an embedded solution with TI Hercules MCU
  • Series stabilization via an automated test strategy; various expansion stages of hardware-in-the-loop
  • End-of-line test bench with automated evaluation protocols


  • better picture due to quiet camera position