LEICA Geosystems: Forward Motion Compensation

A simple principle: the quieter a camera is held, the better the image.


  • Micropositioning of a table with camera sensor in aerial photography to compensate the flight movement during exposure


  • Control of a BLCD motor
  • Reduction via a micro gear, which moves an eccentric; this then moves a table with camera sensor in horizontal direction.
  • Design and realization of a power output stage with low inductance and high-precision 3-phase current measurement
  • Geometric reduction of the rapid prototyping ECU in an embedded solution with TI Hercules MCU
  • Series stabilization via an automated test strategy; various expansion stages of hardware-in-the-loop
  • End-of-line test bench with automated evaluation protocols


  • better picture due to quiet camera position

COSATEQ: what our customers say

Controller board for forward motion compensation drive (FMCD) in photogrammetry
"Control of forward motion compensation for an aerial camera: I have come to know the Cosateq team as very professional, cooperative and motivated. In our very complex project, I experienced a high degree of flexibility and efficient cooperation across company boundaries. The focus was on problem solving and not on company affiliation!
In the disciplines we needed, such as electronics development, embedded software, test automation and control engineering, very professional and reliable services were provided. In the end, the performance of the entire control system exceeded our expectations in terms of accuracy and dynamics, which made it possible to achieve outstanding image sharpness of the aerial images in the very harsh end application of a flight operation".
M. Welzenbach, Site Manager, Manager Hardware & Firmware Development, ZI Imaging GmbH