Simulations with HiL and Rapid Prototyping Systems

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As a specialist, COSATEQ designs and implements HiL systems for research/development, service/test and customer training. We support you from the analysis to the finding of the suitable solution up to the final commissioning.

SIMULATION: Tailor-made models as hardware-in-the-loop / software-in-the-loop solution

COSATEQ employees not only act as manufacturer-independent consultants, but also optimize your systems in terms of profitability and structure. We develop and install customized simulation models (optionally also with signal conditioning) and carry out reliable feasibility studies. We also develop real-time simulation devices for hydraulic and mechanical systems.

The software and hardware integration into your existing infrastructures takes place without massive system interventions - i.e. without database access or restructuring of complex data models. We are extremely flexible in selecting the respective platform (National Instruments, Bachmann M1, Beckhoff, Siemens, ScaleRT and others). Flexible signal generation and adaptation using FPGA cards enables the HIL connection of complex signals (e.g. resolver/LVDT modulation and demodulation, I2C/SPI connection).

Our realistic hardware-in-the-loop simulations (HiL simulations) and prototypes help you to detect any weaknesses in your products at an early stage and thus avoid high costs.

HiL reference projects

WORKFLOW in the Hardware-in-the-Loop Project

COSATEQ has outstanding specialist knowledge - for example, with regard to meeting mathematical requirements - as well as a great deal of experience and practical competence. In the meantime, we have developed high-quality solutions for a wide variety of industries using various mechanics and materials. Thanks to virtualized systems, we can develop high-quality and precisely working HiL solutions for your company, regardless of location.
Reduction of real engine tests

Motor simulator to improve the simulation processes during the development phase

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automatic test automation by HiL

Using standard frameworks, COSATEQ designs automated test environments for quality assurance of complex systems. To this end, efficient test procedures are first defined and then implemented by our specialists.


Rapid prototyping, whether in the form of HiL, SiL or PiL, makes it possible for us to make reliable statements about the technical feasibility/the technical added value, the effort and thus also the price (target price) of a planned development within the framework of feasibility studies in advance and with manageable effort.

Research and Development

COSATEQ competently supports you with new developments and research projects in the software and hardware area.

RT cluster
The increasing complexity of the systems to be simulated leads to the problem that the computing power of a single simulation computer is no longer sufficient to realistically simulate the behavior of the target system.

As a result, the specified time of a calculation cycle is exceeded and the result of the simulated output data is no longer generated in time. The temporal behavior of the output variables of the simulation thus no longer corresponds to that of the real target system: The result of the calculation can therefore no longer be used.

This problem is solved by the RT cluster of COSATEQ. It makes it possible to obtain additional computing power and hardware interfaces and to distribute the simulation task among several simulation systems. Each of these systems now simulates a subrange and provides realistic and reliable calculations.

Highspeed Data Transfer (HDT)
Complex simulation models, which a single system cannot simulate, process a large number of input and output signals. Nevertheless, COSATEQ's HDT enables parallel and real-time signal processing and at the same time ensures delay-free transmission at high bandwidth. This ensures timely processing of the signals.

Furthermore, the use of remote direct memory access technology does not influence the simulation behavior, since data transmission takes place without the involvement of the CPU. Therefore, the HDT is also ideally suited for a real-time monitoring system that logs and monitors all signal data generated, captured or evaluated in a simulation.

Synchronous Cluster Kit
The RT cluster consists of computers with individual timers. This leads to difficulties when synchronizing tasks with the same frequency on different computers. Since all tasks refer to the respective local timer, they neither run synchronously nor have the same execution times.

The COSATEQ Synchronous Cluster Kit solves this problem: It provides a uniform time source in the RT cluster, according to which the distributed tasks can synchronize.

  • Better maintainability over the entire life cycle of a system
  • Cost savings due to: faster, more efficient development and commissioning, "better" product due to more targeted and precise development
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