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MACHINE PARK: How can old plants be modernized and made efficient again by retrofitting?

In cooperation with competent mechatronics engineers, we check the status of your machine or system, point out modernization potentials and realize the mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical renewal of individual machines or complete plants.

Instead of the costly replacement of existing systems by complete new investments, a retrofit can make more sense. The COSATEQ feasibility study, including a guide price estimate, quickly leads to clarity and forms a solid basis for upcoming investment decisions.

The replacement of obsolete components and the addition of new, technological innovations makes existing plants fit again for competition. If the existing machine's hardware is in a sufficient condition a retrofit might significantly lower costs in relation to the purchase of a new machine. The modernization of control technology, peripherals, actuators and sensors is rewarded by a competable increase in productivity.

Further advantages for the plant operator when modernizing existing machines are the elimination of high replacement investments for building new machine foundations. The existing protection of an old plant, which would presumably receive no approval, can also be preserved by a retrofit.
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DIGITALE TRANSFORMATION: What requirements can a retrofit meet for your company?

This is particularly aimed at manufacturing companies that want to minimize their downtimes and increase and maintain productivity. A retrofit also means a first step towards digital transformation to upgrade the automation pyramid.
  • extension of operation lifetime
  • increase in production volume
  • enhancement of product quality
  • higher efficiency of the system e.g. energy saving
  • compliance with legal requirements (e.g. reduction of emissions, occupational safety)
  • ensuring the supply of spare parts
  • creation of the possibility to embed old machines in modern IT environment (industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things IIoT)
weeks and less machine downtime

Retrofit of a hydraulic tool tryout press

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MACHINE RETROFIT as cost-effective renewal of the machine park instead of expensive new investments

A good alternative!
With a feasibility study our specialists work out the costs/benefits for your investment decision in a transparent/quantitative way. Concise benefit effects are
  • availability of spare parts through replacement of obsolete components
  • improved dynamic characteristics such as speed, energy consumption, and precision
  • optimized maintenance (e.g. through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance)
  • diagnostic functionalities

RETROFIT PROJECT: What actions does a COSATEQ project include?

We first determine the current status of your machine. In an initial feasibility study and  discussion with our specialists for control engineering we outline the various possibilities for modernization and calculate guide prices for the realization. In a second step we describe in detail all expenses, work processes, and outline a schedule for handling the project:
  • determination of the current machine status
  • expertise in overhauling electrical components (e.g. sensors)
  • design and construction of control cabinet + operator control panel
  • retrofitting of automation technology e.g. programmable logic controllers PLC (e.g. hardware PLC, software PLC)
  • adjustments for integration of the machine/partial plant into production plants, e.g. attachment of conveyor elements
  • replacement of materials by more durable materials e.g. stainless steel
  • use of frequency converters in electric drives to increase efficiency/energy savings
  • assembly of the complete electrical system and installation
  • delivery + acceptance with safety check
  • training + service

ADVANTAGES: Gains of the retrofit approach

  • short interruption of operation
  • expenses are immediately amortizable
  • lower investment costs than installing a new machine/system
  • no structural changes to foundations necessary, savings of further costs
  • preservation of old, stable machine beds
  • less personnel training as the machine is largely known
  • no new approval procedure necessary
  • no risk of loss of provision made to safeguard existing standards
  • further time savings due to only partial renewal

What does "retrofit" actually mean?

The term "retrofit" consists of retro (Latin = backward) and fit (English = adapt) and refers to the modernization or expansion of existing plants and machines. These are mostly machines that are decades old, but mechanically very solidly built and work well, such as punches and presses. While it is enormously complex and expensive to replace the old systems, which weigh tons, with new systems, the obsolete electronic or hydraulic controls can be replaced comparatively easily and quickly.
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