Electronic Bird LIEBHERR Aerospace

Time-to-market has also become an important success criterion in high-tech markets. Those who arrive too late will encounter occupied markets. Sophisticated test benches and simulators make it possible to shorten product development times considerably. Together with Cosateq, Liebherr-Aerospace has developed a new test stand which for the first time proves its high performance capability in the development of the Russian regional jet Sukhoi Superjet 100.


Development of a test bench
Real-time systems for calculating the components in the aircraft


  • Delivery and support for the use of the real-time simulation environment ProSys-RT (precursor product of SCALE-RT®)
  • Co-development of the hardware-in-the-loop system
  • Support with special know-how on LabVIEW and MATLAB®/Simulink® models


Cost savings through automated component, integration and system testing for all control components
Higher reliability through simulation of different error scenarios
Shorter time-to-market