HÖRBIGER: Transmission test bench with shift robot

COSATEQ has simplified the handling of a transmission test bench at HOERBIGER Antriebstechnik in Schongau, Germany, with software for test bench automation. In addition to developing the software, COSATEQ has also taken over the control cabinet construction for accommodating the interface electronics and the automatic control computer.


  • Accelerated test phase with automated transmission test bench
  • More flexibility
  • Realistic test sets
  • Evaluation of shifting comfort
  • Manual Tests
  • High safety


  • Design, refinement, and implementation of solution design with LabVIEW
  • Design of the control cabinet for the interface electronics and the automatic switching master computer
  • Software for acquisition, logging and evaluation of measured values
  • Development of the user interface for the test bench using LabVIEW
  • Programming of communication between industrial PC and switching robot master computer according to the AK protocol


  • Implementation of realistic test sets
  • Unmanned endurance test saves costs
  • Manual shift comfort assessment possible at program-controlled test points in one-man operation