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Whether in mechanical engineering, industrial production, automobility, or medicine: In all technical areas, people still have to manually evaluate many processes and signals and make the necessary decisions. Artificial intelligence will provide lasting ease and optimization.

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What is AI (artificial intelligence) in machine controls?

The most prominent example of automation based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) is certainly autonomous driving. Thanks to the various developments in the field of driver assistance systems, modern cars are equipped with many sensors and cameras. These environmental data "only" need to be evaluated by an intelligent machine control system and converted into (steering and braking) decisions.

The use of machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence in industry is less effective in attracting the attention of the public, but of much greater economic importance. Here, the AI is dedicated to researching intelligent problem solving behaviour through machines in order to optimize manufacturing processes and to maintain machines "with foresight".
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SOFTWARE: How to program AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

The development engineers of COSATEQ bring artificial intelligence into everyday production of industrial machines with sophisticated software solutions together with their partners FORCAM and IN GmbH. Based on statistical methods and intelligent data analytics the technology creates links in artificial neural networks. From keywords such as big data, data mining, feature extraction, and pattern recognition COSATEQ software developers make practical applications for the world of machines and test benches.
We solve your problems by software development with R, Python, C++, C#, and Java/Kotlin

We design the connection of your existing PLC infrastructure to the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) world with leading solutions such as BACHMANN M1, SIEMENS S7, and BECKHOFF SPS.

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: How does artificial intelligence extend machine life?

The predictive maintenance of industrial plants is increasingly conquering the plants and test benches of the industry under the term predictive maintenance. The artificial intelligence here lies in the assessment of the "state of health" of a machine in order to draw attention to a necessary maintenance window before the machine loses its operability. It thus replaces rigid maintenance cycles, which experience shows are carried out too early (because they are still unnecessary) or too late (because damage has already occurred).
In material test benches, predictive maintenance help to protect the object under test and entire test bench by stopping the test process in time before a failure occurs.

MACHINE LEARNING: How do you teach control technique atonomous learning and adaptivity?

Machine learning extends the capabilities of classical adaptive control theory enormously. The machine "learns" to better coordinate its actions and reactions on the basis of large amounts of running data from sensors, which provide corresponding feedback for each control activity. Learning the controlled system by AI makes control engineering more efficient and robust.

CONDITION MONITORING: What role do sensor data play for data analytics and efficient machine monitoring?

A multitude of factors influencing the condition of a machine must be monitored: Humidity of the room and material, temperature of the environment and the medium, pressure, vibration, liquid quality, and - depending on the requirements - other measured variables.
The condition monitoring data is not only fed into the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to inform the operator. Condition monitoring supplies the actual states to the artificial intelligence (AI) so that it can continuously learn and make assessments and decisions.

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