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Operating systems effectively and safely

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is the most important tool to give people insight into and control the hidden processes in machines and plants. A clear graphical and textual representation enables operators and managers to safely and effectively coordinate and control production processes in the factory.

USER INTERFACE: COSATEQ makes the Human Machine Interface user-friendly

The operator of a machine or person responsible for a plant must be able to see at a glance the condition and processes in his area of responsibility. What is happening behind the machine casing? Are engine and valve states in the setpoint? Are the tank levels sufficient for uninterrupted production? The Human Machine Interface is the mediator between the mostly hidden process and the operating personnel. This makes the HMI the most important tool in the hands of operators and managers to keep production in a machine hall or factory under control.

REALIZATION: Services and techniques in the implementation of HMI

We pay great attention to the design of a human-machine interface, because the human-machine interface is decisive for the safe operation of machines, test benches, etc. with connection to machine data acquisition (data analytics).

COSATEQ uses the development platforms:

  • Siemens S7
  • Beckhoff PLC
  • Bachmann M1
  • individually developed embedded systems
  • individually programmed solutions with C#/WPF, LabVIEW, WebServices, and much more with connection to various databases

PURPOSE of a Human Machine Interface

The most important task of the HMI is to display complex process variables quickly and concisely for easy interpreation of production information.
In the simplest case, a status is displayed by means of a labelled signal lamp, illuminated buttons and display panels, and computer-supported user interfaces on a screen.

Reference projects for HMI

  • metal powder press
  • aluminium die casting
  • spunbond machine monitoring

USER INTERFACE: Concept and design

A machine or plant can only ever be as good as its interface to humans. That is why every investment in an optimally designed human-machine interface is valuable. Intuitive and error-free operation helps the operator to perform his tasks safely and effectively.
In fact, creativity and motivation of the operating personnel can be increased by a good HMI and even establish an emotional connection with the technology. As a side effect they increase the acceptance of the technology by people, motivate their productivity and thus the economic success of the company.
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