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Embedded systems are microcontroller based systems that take over monitoring, automating or controlling functions in technical devices in an embedded context.

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS work autonomously, in real-time, and are communicative.

Embedded systems are integrated into devices of industrial machines, medical technology, automobiles, aircraft, household appliances, and consumer electronics; they commonly work in a combination with other systems. The advantages of industrial controllers (programmable logic controllers - PLC) are their compact dimensions, low power consumption, and low manufacturing price.

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS with the interfaces in view

We support you in the planning and implementation of hardware and software for embedded systems through our extensive know-how of toolchains (e.g. Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, AVR32 Studio), special embedded requirements such as pin layout, I/O components, memory space, computing capacity, real-time and interfaces (CAN, LIN, I2C, SPI, RS232, Ethernet and many more). We work on embedded software engineering projects for systems without operating systems with minimum memory consumption and maximum performance as well as for embedded Linux systems (e.g. Raspberry PI).

EMBEDDED SOFTWARE reference projects of COSATEQ

Our competences in the field of system simulation, sensor and actuator technology, measurement and control technology round off our portfolio and enable interdisciplinary consulting and implementation to lead your project to success.


Real-time systems are systems for direct control and execution of processes that must meet defined real-time requirements placed on them. These systems are used in various fields of technology, such as process control, engine control, robotics, and other areas.


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