Real-time Systems & Linux

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Real-time systems are systems for the direct control and handling of processes which must meet quantitative real-time requirements. They are used in various fields of technology, such as process control engineering, motor control, robotics and other areas.

Real-Time Systems & Linux

Real-time systems are always used when dynamic processes in the real world have to be observed, controlled or regulated. These include electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems. In this context, parameters such as sampling rate and jitter determine the appropriate reaction of the real-time system to its environment. Depending on the real processes, different requirements are needed here: a system for temperature control (cf. SATCO) requires a sampling rate in the range of several seconds, while a BLDC electric motor must be controlled in the microsecond range. Real time describes the appropriate reaction time from the measured variable to the manipulated variable.

COSATEQ has many years of experience in designing and implementing real-time systems. Basis for this are embedded systems, Linux real-time systems (Xenomai) or programmable logic controllers (PLC). Regardless of the system, a fine-tuned coordination between slow and fast real-time processes is usually necessary. COSATEQ masters all necessary techniques for a robust software architecture (e.g. interprocess communication and queueing techniques).

  • hydraulics
  • pneumatics
  • thermodynamics
  • electrical drives
  • mechanical oscillating systems
  • systems with non concentrated parameters (e.g. convection and diffusion)

Real-Time for Embedded Systems

Embedded systems (with or without operating system) offer their own challenges from the logical design with pin layout, the correct register configuration for IO subsystems (I2C, SPI, PWM, timer) to the implementation of the application and the communication with higher-level systems (e.g. via CAN bus).

COSATEQ offers individual software development for embedded systems based on Texas Instruments Hercules RM46 and Microchip AVR32 microcontrollers in C/C++.

Linux Xenomai Real-Time Development

Xenomai is a real-time platform based on the Linux kernel. The so-called I-pipe patch decouples the interrupts that would otherwise interrupt the processor activity and thus the real-time. The system is suitable for x86 or ARM CPUs.

COSATEQ has expertise in implementing real-time applications with the various Xenomai skins (e.g. POSIX and cobalt).

Real-Time for PLC Systems

Programmable logic controllers (PLC) also belong to the field of real-time systems, since these must also interact with processes in the real world.

At COSATEQ we have all the necessary know-how to react to real-time requirements in the field of PLC. COSATEQ also offers a range of services for the following systems from conception and design to implementation:

  • Siemens S7, TIA Portal
  • Beckhoff, TWINCAT
  • Bachmann M1
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