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PRYNAMICS® represents a series of high-precision and flexible control systems, which are characterized by excellent control properties, uniform user interface, reliable safety functions and flexible adaptability (calibration and adaptation).

Flexible product family

PRYNAMICS® High End - the flagship among our controllers

As a 19-inch system, PRYNAMICS® Rack fits seamlessly into control cabinets, laboratory and test bench configurations. Thanks to its high computing power and large number of interfaces, it is the right choice for the most CPU-intensive controller applications in industry, test bench and laboratory.

PRYNAMICS® Advanced - the cubus with high control power

You need a powerful controller, but have little space. In this case, PRYNAMICS® Box is the optimal solution. You will have a fanless system in a robust sheet steel housing, which is equipped with the optimally dimensioned CPU depending on your requirements.

PRYNAMICS® Embedded - the onboard electronics

For stand-alone control of intelligent actuators. Directly mounted on the hydraulics, the full functionality is built in.

PRYNAMICS® Touchscreen

Touch panel operation

Each PRYNAMICS® controller can be operated directly on the machine via a touch panel. This makes it possible to quickly and easily retrieve configuration parameters, statistics and datasets.


  • Bachmann
  • Texas Instruments Hercules, Delfino

Want to know more details? Download our product brochure (PDF) and discover further specifications and areas of application.

Areas of application

Products of the PRYNAMICS® product family are used in the following industries, for example:

  • hydraulic presses
  • smelting and rolling mill technology
  • conveyor technology
  • test engineering
  • special machine construction