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ARINC 429 card

The CO-PCIA429 bus cards enable a fast and cost-effective connection of standard PCs to control units, actuators and sensors via the ARINC429 bus. The CO-PCIA429 PCI card offers up to 16TX and 16RX ARINC429 channels.

ARINC card
ARINC card

All channels can be configured independently. Hardware, firmware and drivers are optimized for the use of the SCALE-RT® real-time system. Nevertheless, the card can also be used in other areas such as control or monitoring.


The CO-PCIA429 bus card is available in three versions:

VersionRX channelsTX channelsType
CO-PCIA429/4 4 4 PCI
CO-PCIA429/8 8 8 PCI
CO-PCIA429/16 16 16 PCI

Performance characteristics

  • up to 16 transmit and receive channels
  • each channel is configurable independently
  • high and low speed
  • parity generation
  • receiver timestamp resolution of 60us
  • TX queue with 24 slots per channel
  • RX queue with 36 slots per channel
  • PCI Interface rev. 2.1
  • C, C, C++, LabVIEW, Matlab/Simulink, Linux libraries