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Embedded systems

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Embedded systems 

Whether mechanical engineering, automotive or aerospace technology - Embedded systems from COSATEQ can be used in a wide variety of applications and reliably perform their tasks. They work highly-effective and require only minimal hardware and software performance in order to perform the desired work in an accurate and precise way. This way, even highly-complex real-time solutions can be realized.

COSATEQ is pleased to support you quickly and directly at the scene of events: If required, our experts can also accompany your project as a temporary team member.

Software development

Software from COSATEQ achieves maximum quality with low hardware requirements.

We use Texas Instruments' well-proven Code Composer Studio as a development tool for integrated systems. The software development itself is based on the RM46 and RM48 Hercules and Delfino series - also from Texas Instruments.

Thanks to the use of common system components and tools, COSATEQ solutions achieve particularly high system compatibility. That's why we use MATLAB Coder® and Simulink Coder® for design and simulation of model-based controls.

Hardware development

COSATEQ also develops tailor-made embedded hardware for use in digital and power electronics. Thereby we pay attention to an ideal relationship between longevity and effectiveness of the hardware as well as economic efficiency.


Using standard frameworks, we develop product-specific tests or set up automated test environments for you. These systems help you to effectively control and optimize the quality of your products.

As a specialist for End-of-Line Testing, COSATEQ is your perfect partner for testing embedded platforms and control systems. With our help, you can achieve superior quality standards as well as noticeable cost savings thanks to automation.


You can obtain a wide range of products from COSATEQ for both economic and technical optimization of your project. For example, our motor controllers for brushless DC motors (BLDCs), which have been optimised for individual systems, support you in the precise control of oscillation-sensitive mechanisms - and thanks to their low cost and compact format they are ideally suited for mass production.

Reliable embedded bootloaders are essential for a trouble-free system startup. With our extensively tested bootloaders for the Hercules RM46 and RM48 series from Texas Instruments - for example for RM46-L852 via CAN bus - COSATEQ ensures maximum system stability right from the start of all processes.

The COSATEQ Early Warning Systems (Condition Monitoring System - CMS) provide reliable information about the status and need for action of your systems. This is a decisive advantage in preventing deviations from the target values due to wear and tear, signs of aging or unforeseen events.


We will be happy to answer all your questions about embedded systems. If you wish, we can also help you directly at your site.

Apart from the development, we also support you in adapting bootloaders for specific interfaces such as RS232, SPI or I2C and develop reliable drivers for the RM46 and RM48 series. You can also rely on COSATEQ's outstanding expertise in adapting motor controllers and other electronic components.