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Control engineering and modeling

You will always keep control with our products. We analyse, classify and develop high-performance and stable technical control systems across all industries. For this we work on the basis of standardized scalable products, which can be individually adapted to your needs.

You will benefit from professional know-how, many years of experience and comprehensive service: if you wish, our specialists will even support your team on site during the project.

System solutions

Whether quickly reactive linear systems or highly complex nonlinear systems - the well-engineered solutions from COSATEQ are known for maximum efficiency, precision and reliability.

Linear systems

Even in high-dimensional linear systems with strongly coupled states - e. g. temperature, pressure, speed – COSATEQ’s products convince with optimal computing times. This way, state changes within the system can be displayed and regulated in real-time.

Automatic tuning of important PID control parameters and flexible interfaces to the control system are self-evident for our products.

Non-linear systems

Most nonlinear systems are typically characterized by a very high degree of complexity. This is due to the mutual interference of interacting dimensions. COSATEQ's solutions are the best choice in keeping the actual value stable: Our products are highly flexible and react very precisely.

Ranging from systems architecture to the final technical implementation – COSATEQ accompanies you throughout the entire development cycle.

Feedback control – complete control in each situation

COSATEQ finds perfect solutions for each control problem. This enables you to reduce production costs and increase the efficiency of your machines. Even the automation of highly complex processes can be attained.

Linear feedback control 

Low technical complexity and cost savings in hardware: COSATEQ’s linear controllers require minimal computing power and are ideal for less complex tasks. The application of linear controllers especially pays off in the manufacture of mass-produced products.

Non-linear controllers

Non-linear controllers from COSATEQ control the dynamic behaviour of technical devices. They perform more complex tasks than linear controllers and significantly increase the performance and stability of the system to be controlled - thus reliably achieving a high control quality.

Structural-variable controllers

Structure variable controllers combine the advantages of linear and non-linear controllers. In this way, they achieve high control quality despite simple hardware with low computing power - even in the case of discontinuous system behavior. This is made possible by the active modification of controller elements during operation. They can also be used at different operating points by changing the control mode.

Adaptive controllers

COSATEQ's adaptive controllers ensure long autonomous runtimes with very low maintenance requirements. Using automatic readjustment, they are able to compensate for temporal changes in conditions, such as wear and ageing or changing environmental conditions (e.g. temperature).

Optimality-based controllers 

The Prynamics controllers (Precision Dynamics) are a COSATEQ product that significantly increases the efficiency of plants and machines. Their key features are a very high stationary accuracy and the precise tracking of highly-dynamic reference curves. COSATEQ’s know-how, the use of an abstract framework and the high degree of automation in the development process will considerably reduce your costs. Get in touch with us and find out how to combine the advantages of our various controllers in a way that best meets your requirements.

Areas of expertise

COSATEQ control systems have proven themselves in a wide variety of disciplines across all industries. These include solutions in the following areas:

  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electric impulses
  • Mechanically swinging systems
  • Systems with non-concentrated parameters (convection and diffusion)

Strong partners

In order to provide you with the very best results, COSATEQ works closely with selected specialists:

  • Mathworks - Use of the MATLAB® environment (software/system)
  • Bachmann - Hardware partner, co-operative product development
  • Texas Instruments - Use of hardware and associated development software, (e. g. development of drivers)