Software development for technical applications

COSATEQ masters the interaction and technical communication between the levels of software development. Through a large number of projects, we have built up a wealth of platform-independent experience in Windows and Linux environments. This know-how combined with the high qualification of our employees is the basis for the success of your individual solution. Software architects (ISAQB certified employees) and software testers (ISTQB certified employees) ensure the quality of the end product throughout the entire workflow. Starting with the requirements analysis (creation of specifications) on to concept, architecture/design up to the tested delivery of the finished software product, we are your competent partner.

3-layer software development
3-layer software development

Integrated system solutions

At COSATEQ we offer you a comprehensive range of services for programming tasks that are performed in the 3-layer model. We are also happy to support you quickly and directly on site. If required, our software experts will also accompany your project as a temporary team member.

User interface

  • GUI, user interface programming using XAML/WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) as well as sound knowledge in older technologies such as WinForms, MFC
  • .NET programming
  • Web-based solutions (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, ASP.NET)

Application and application intelligence

  • We are proficient in different programming languages: C, C++, C#,. NET, PHP, Python, Bash, Java, R, LabVIEW.
  • Development of Windows services, Linux daemons, Linux real-time development, Linux driver development, web services
  • Developments in the field of statistics, numerics, data mining/pattern recognition, image processing and algorithms, test automation

Data layer

  • Design of data models and queries in different databases: MSSQL, SQL, MySQL
  • BigData management with NoSQL (e. g. Casandra, MongoDB)
  • Protocols: ARINC 429, CAN, Ethernet

Communication protocols

We also apply our profound technical and methodological knowledge when it comes to communication between different layers (TCP/IP, WinSock, WCF. NET, HTTP, SOAP, JSON, REST, WebSockets).

Furthermore, we offer the programming of bus systems like CAN, ARINC 429 and other interfaces to hardware (RS232).

Parallel computing

In parallel computing, a common data pool is processed by multiple processors. Here at COSATEQ we create highly efficient systems using MPI, Infiniband and the high-speed data transfer technology developed by COSATEQ.