Control engineering

Specialist for high-precision control systems learn more

Embedded systems

Specialist for high-complex real-time solutions in hardware and software learn more

HiL and rapid prototyping

Specialist for analysis, concept and realization learn more


Time synchronous in the computing cluster

Drift-free synchronisation of tasks within a computing cluster

TurboScale for software acceleration 

Identification of inefficient algorithms in software components and their acceleration with concurrent reduction of data volume.

Die cushion control system

Constant control quality across all forces, speeds and positions. Increased quantity and reduced reject rate.

Metal powder press control system

Increased cycle rate (number of strokes): due to extremely high accuracy, the deburring procedure can be omitted.

4-port CAN in real time

The COSATEQ 4-port CAN-PCI/cPCI board offers four active CAN ports, which are galvanically isolated from each other. This allows connection to up to four independent networks.

16-port ARINC in real time

Up to 16 independently configurable transmit and receive channels (high and low speed, parity generation, receiver timestamp resolution of 60μs).

Electric valve train

Fully variable control curves are achieved by electric valve train. This is used to control the "softlanding" in the valve stem.