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Success story since 1993

For more than 20 years COSATEQ has been synonymous with innovative and highly-efficient solutions in the areas of real-time simulation, hardware and control engineering. Thanks to our sophisticated and reliable systems, you can considerably reduce your development and production costs - a clear competitive advantage.

COSATEQ – Chronicle

  • 1993 Business start-up
  • 1994 Network planning and installations
  • 1995 Exclusive training and consulting partner for Matrixx (Matlab-Simulink-pendant)
  • 1996 Innovative robust control of die cushions in the automotive industry for pressing the outer skin of the car, 25 plants worldwide
  • 1997 Innovative precision control of metal powder presses for burr-free pressing of carbide, 250 plants worldwide
  • 1998 Innovations in the field of electric valve train for combustion engines using electromagnetic actuators
  • 2000 Distribution of the simulator S/1
  • 2002 First release of our prototyping environment ProSys-RT
  • 2004 ProSys-RT Embedded for microcontroller based systems
  • 2005 COSATEQ offers complete HiL systems and develops hardware for ARINC and CAN applications
  • 2006 Move into new offices
  • 2007 Release of ProSys-RT 4.1 on Debian Live Linux CD
  • 2008 Real-time simulation SCALE-RT®, a derivative of ProSys-RT is introduced
  • 2009 SCALE-RT® release 5.0
  • 2009 COSATEQ is awarded second place in the "VR-InnovationsPreis Mittelstand" for the innovation SCALE-RT®
  • 2010 SCALE-RT® release 5.1
  • 2011 SCALE-RT® release 5.2
  • 2014 Complete embedded control systems for aerial photography; stabilization of the camera turns into a worldwide success
  • 2015 Joint product with Bachmann/Feldkirch for control of presses